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OneClickTrafficSchool – California Online Traffic School Course
Our Course Features:
  • Convenient course you take at home
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Interactive Course Work
  • Interesting and Informative Videos
  • State Court Approval

    OneClickTrafficSchool’s course is approved in every county across the state of California.
    Check with your court to see if you have the option of going online for our California Traffic School course.

    Courses Available:
    Online Traffic School Course

    Complete our traffic school course form any online location to complete the court ordered
    requirement for traffic school dismissal of your ticket. All California drivers can benefit from our traffic school course.

    Course Information:
    Only a few years ago, drivers who received a ticket in California, needed to spend long
    days in a lecture hall to complete Traffic School if they wanted to remove a ticket from their driving record. Now, OneClickTrafficSchool provides you with the same course without the inconvenience of spending a day in class. Our course covers topics, such as important CA driving laws and regulations, driving environments, defensive driving tactics, signs and signals, and collision avoidance. Our course is made up of 5 sections. Each section has a short quiz that will test your knowledge of the material and help you review for the final exam. Your quiz scores do not affect your final grade.

    Final Exam:

    In accordance with court policy, all Traffic School students must take and pass a final exam. The specific details of your final test depend on the County your ticket was issued. Most counties allow you to take the final test right on your computer, after you have verified your identity. You also have the option of going to a designated testing center to fulfill this requirement. Students have unlimited attempts to pass the final exam, but must score 80% or higher on the exam in order to complete the Traffic School course.

    Completion Certificate:

    When you successfully complete your final exam, OneClickTrafficSchool will have your Certificate of Completion processed and sent out within one business day. In most counties, the court requires that completion information be sent directly to the court. You may have the option in some cases of purchasing a copy of that certificate for your files.

    We know there are many benefits to taking our Traffic School Course, from removing a ticket from your record to lowering your insurance rates. However, the most important benefit is that you will become a more informed and safe driver.

    We thank you for choosing OneClickTrafficSchool!